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Simple CMS

Search Engine Ranking and SEO features.
Easily change your site from anywhere you can access the Internet.
No software or coding needed; just point & click.
Do it yourself (DIY)! No waiting for nerds to make updates.
Save money by making your web master's job more efficient.
Shopping cart works with PayPal,, and FirstData.
Better than Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

NEW: You can type "spun" content into "edit this page" and each time the page refreshes, it will show a different version of the same story. This will make sure every time Google's bots look at your page, they see "fresh" content! Refresh this page while looking at the bullet point text above to see it in action.

HotKey makes web content management easy as pie. Use the links below to find out how our CMS will make your life easier and even more fun. We do web hosting and build animated commercials, too!

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